Saturday, 14 June 2014

Barricade: it's publication week

Very brilliant to say that we have reached publication week for Barricade!

Heaps of cool stuff's been happening - last Sunday I was privileged to take part in a panel discussion at the Stoke Newington Literary Festival, talking all things science fiction with the very brilliant Stephen Hunt, Mitch Benn and Ben Aaronovitch.

It was great to meet such accomplished folk and sip a beer with them afterwards. My editor Simon did a top job moderating, noting that it took ten minutes for the conversation to turn to Star Wars/ Trek. I brought up Star Trek: Voyager, which I guess made me the most hopeless case of all...

Meanwhile the brilliant team at Gollancz have been getting the word out near and far, through Barricade "taking over" the website at sfx, and by previewing the first few chapters for free on the splendid Gollancz blog.

Opening this week is the blog tour  - a heap of articles I've penned to share with the scifi community's premier bloggers - I will post all the links here in one batch the moment they're up but the calendar is right here...

The book's got a few cracking early reviews, which I will post soon. Finally, just remember you can buy the ebook for £1.99 on Amazon until the end of the week. That is actually cheaper than chips - round here anyway...

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