Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Blog featured on Gollancz!

Thrilled to say my recent blog on War of the Worlds featured on the Gollancz blog at the beginning of the month. Hopefully more to come soon, if I can just think of other cool stuff to write about...

Maybe a homage to an out of print master, like Mr Jack Womack? Suggestions on a stamped addressed telegram please.

British Fantasy Round Table

Here is the recent round table discussion I took part in to discuss the Salt British Fantasy 2013 collection. I acknowledge that I look like a miserable bugger in the still above, but actually I had a lot of fun.

It was brilliant to meet the blokes from SciFi London and especially EJ Swift (I'm reading her book Osiris now) and Lavie Tidhar (whose Central Station stories I know and admire from Interzone). They were a great deal more interesting than me and excellent to have a pint with after.

If you'd like to discover how little I know about British Fantasy, this is a great place to start.