Monday, 26 May 2014

Barricade: less than a month to go

Note Landy in background...

With less than a month to go to Barricade's publication date on June 19, I thought I'd post an update as it's all getting a bit exciting. Receiving a box of books through the post was a particular treat, and on the bank holiday I got a little carried away, with the above results. Well, what are you gonna do? I'm a big fool, and constructing a Barricade from Barricade copies was just too tempting...tragic, I know.

So, what's going on?

Well, right now and for the next week we're giving away 20 free proof copies on Goodreads. Worth a crack, surely?

You can also pre-order the ebook on Amazon at only £1.99, which has got to be worth a pop - the price only lasts until the end of first week of publication, so get in now if you like your books in e format - or if you want to buy six and build your own barricade. Not that I'm suggesting you're even half as sad as me.


First off, I'll be signing copies at Forbidden Planet on June 18 from 6-7PM.

I'll also be making an appearance at Wordpool, Blackpool's literary festival, on Friday 4 July.

Then it's a busy August with Nineworlds convention and Loncon3.

Should be a cracking summer...

I'm also in the process of polishing off a number of articles for the upcoming blog tour, relating to the writing, characters and setting of the book, plus an article on other dystopian visions I love. Stay posted for more links and more info.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go take down my Barricade...