About me

I am a science fiction author living in England. Thingaboutchickens is the place where I review the odd movie, rant about the random, and muse on the doings of the day. You can read all about my writing on my website, http://jonwallace.co/

My debut novel, "Barricade", was published in June 2014 by Gollancz. It's the fast and furious tale of a taxi driver in post apocalyptic Britain, and the first part in the Kenstibec trilogy.

The Financial Times called Barricade a "scintillating debut", adding that "the end of the world has seldom been such gruesome fun." You can read other reviews here.

Part two in the series, "Steeple", was published in June 2015. Part three is coming in 2016. I have also had many short stories published in spots like Interzone, Best British Fantasy, The Fiction Desk, and Flashquake.

Follow me on Twitter at @Jon__Wallace, or follow the adventures of @Kenstibec.

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